Wednesday, September 22, 2004


O veste interesanta la BBC despre bloggerii iranieini sau despre ce e bun internetul intr-o tara a cenzurii...
De asemenea, via blogul Gabrielei, am descoperit doua bloguri romanesti interesante : primul,argumente,in engleza, al lui Dragos Novac care se prezinta astfel:

While presently there are several Romanian internet discussion groups about themes comprehending business issues under diverse forms, @rgumente is the first blog from Romania about business and strategy. It is yet another voice in the space about what is happening in Romania, the way I see it.

Cel de al doilea,in romana, al lui Adrian Onaca,student la Padova,intitulat "Salut Matrice"> Redau mai jos prezentarea pe care Adrian si-o face lui insusi:
My Report: How I Approach Life and How I Appear To Others I am always questioning and learning, and I seem young and alive no matter what my chronological age, for my mind is always alert, curious, flexible and open to new experiences. I have a childlike enthusiasm for anything new and I learn easily, but I also get bored rather quickly. I can be something of a scatterbrain, for I tend to have so many ideas and irons in the fire that it is hard to keep track of them all. I need and crave variety, change, mental stimulation, and an active social life. The Inner me: My Real Motivation - I have powerful emotional attachments to the past,2 my family, my childhood, those places I associate with safety and security and my beginnings. Maintaining a connection with my roots and heritage and keeping family bonds strong are very important to me. Loyal, devoted, and sentimental, I tend to cling to whatever is dear to me, be withit persons, familiar places, or cherished possession...

In sfirsit,din Franta, un blog interesant intitulat "
Journal d'un avocat,care sint convins ca va fi de interes pentru juristii romani (ma rog, pentru cei dintre ei care se vor "indura" sa il citeasca).

Lectura placuta!


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