Sunday, December 04, 2011

Cartile Lunii Noiembrie

O lista (de lecturi) ar fi urmatoarea:

Alain Supiot: Homo Juridicus: On the Anthropological Function of the Law , Verson Books, 2007 (aici pentru prefata traducerii romanesti);

Victor Tadros 'The Ends of Harm: The Moral Foundations of Criminal Law, Oxford University Press, 2011 (o discutie, aici ; un colocviu, aici)

James E. Fleming, Getting to the Rule of Law, NOMOS L, New York University Press, 2011

Geoffrey Samuel: Epistemology and Method in Law, Ashgate, 2003 si Mark van Hoecke (Ed): Methodologies of Legal Research: Which Kind of Method for What Kind of Discipline? Hart, 2011

"Site"-ul aceste luni se afla: aici

Lectura placuta!

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