Monday, November 29, 2004

Citeva articole de drept & procedura penala scrise de profesori americani

Robert Cooter ne anunta o serie de articole interesante de Drept Penal si Procedura Penala, scrise de profesori care predau la citeva dintre cele mai bune scoli americane. Publicam si noi anuntul in speranta ca vor fi interesante pentru discipolii lui Dongoros

The following papers in Criminal Law and Procedure are authored by legal
scholars at some of the leading law schools in the United States.
To access any of the papers in question - without charge - simply click on
the links below. Full citations and abstracts occur at the conclusion of
this message.

Jeffrey A. Fagan and Valerie West, "The Decline Of The Juvenile
Death Penalty: Scientific Evidence Of Evolving Norms

Phyllis Goldfarb, "Review of "The Penalty is Death:" U.S. Newspaper Coverage of Women's Executions" by Marlin Shipman."

Josephine Ross, "He Looks Guilty": Reforming Good Character Evidence to Undercut The Presumption of Guilt."

Michael Heise, "Criminal Case Complexity: An Empirical Perspective".

Paul Robinson, "Does Criminal Law Deter? A Behavioral Science Investigation"

Peter Margulies, "Above Contempt?: The Attorney General, the Courts, and Informational Overreaching in Terrorism Prosecutions"

Lectura pacluta.


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